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Hey there, My name is Kaicy and I am the owner of this website where I’ll be sharing everything about Isabel Beyond Diet Program, revealing the inner interface through pictures, letting you know about updates, what members are buzzing e.t.c. First, what I like you to know is that this “About” page you’ll find it unusual compared to others you’ve read so far. This will be more like About You, About Me and About The Beyond Diet combined!

This Is Your Stop Solution For Your Weight Loss Motivation!
The 7 Essential Tips For Permanent Weight Loss Success Using Beyond Diet!

 Table Of Contents:

  • Introduction

First I want to thank you and congratulate you for finding this website. 

… This website contains proven steps and strategies on how to permanently keep off the weight you’ve worked hard to burn –  without success! 

You already know how hard it is to burn off excess weight and how easy it is to gain it all back!

This can be very frustrating,.. but

with the information it self written here, including these 7 Essential Tips, YOU can be rest assured that you’ll find yourself keeping that unwanted weight off forever, even if you don’t obtain membership of the De Los Rios diet program!

Remember, it’s all about taking action. Rest assure you did took action gaining all that weight, huh … 🙂

Thanks again for taking time being here.

Now continue reading the like I want to call it:

“Introductionery Chapter About Why and How To Start Love Your Self and Why It Matters”

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  • Chapter 1 – Love YourSelf

At first, these tip seems to not be connected to the goal of permanently losing weight.

However, in reality, it has a lot to do with it.

Ask yourself, why you want to lose weight and keep it off.

  • Is it only to look good for an upcoming high school reunion?
  • Is it only to make someone attracted to you?

If these are your reasons, then they are likely only temporary motivations to maintain your weight.

Once you have been to your reunion, there will be no more reason to control your eating or to exercise anymore. If the person you’re trying to attract turns out to not like you, you might think there’s no reason to continue with your weight loss regime.

These kind of reasons are merely superficial.

They will not help you in the long run because once the outside motivation is gone, you’ll be tempter to go back to your old habits which make you gain weight. And later on, you’ll see your self looking for how to turn your motivation back!


If you love yourself and you care enough to ensure that you have a healthy body, then you’ll more likely stick to a lifestyle which helps you to burn off your excess weight and keep it off! – Don’t you?

Too may people think of weight loss as an issue of personal appearance.

They want to keep off the weight because doing so makes them look more attractive. While this is all very good if it helps overweight people to get off the couch or to eat less, it is better to think of weight loss as an issue of health!

The main reason why weight loss should be thought of as a health issue has to do a lot with people’s motivations.

When the main motivation is personal appearance, people soon find that there are other ways to look slimmer which do not involve actual weight loss.

For example,..

Some people may find it easier to buy slimming undergarments instead of regularly going to the gym or eating foods that are less fatty.


Since their habits allow them to slowly gain weight as they get older, there may come a time when their slimming undergarments are no longer enough.


When people are mainly motivated by improving their personal appearance, they seek instant weight loss tips which, sooner or later, will only do more harm than good for their health!

For example, they may choose to starve themselves by eating practically nothing.

This is dangerous!..

The body is deprived of nutrients and may eventually weaken.

Furthermore, some types of bodies do not respond well to this kind of treatment and instead of losing weight, they may hold onto it in the long run.

The endomorph body type which is naturally fat, has a slow metabolism, and has a tendency to hold on to fat is an example of this. At first, the weight loss is fast with some people losing up to five pounds in the first week on a diet of drastically reduced calories.

However, the body soon thinks it is experiencing famine and tries to hold on to the remaining fat to survive.

When put under a starvation diet for a long periods of time, the endomorph body type will likely choose to give up muscles instead of fat, thus resulting in a weaker body than may also be more prone to sickness than before.

This is not to say that YOU cannot be motivated by an improved personal appearance when trying to lose weight.

The point here, permanent weight loss, is better achieved when the main motivation is health!

When YOU love yourself, you want to be healthy – simply as that.

You want to ensure that you remain strong even in old age too – don’t you think?

It’s funny how many people fail to see that an improvement in health necessarily leads to an improvement in personal appearance.

A healthy person is slim and has a natural glow to his appearance. There is no need for slimming undergarments and the artificial glow of makeup.

Another advantage to choosing health as the main motivation for weight loss is that you accept that weight loss must be done in a safe way, as opposed to the quick but possibly dangerous methods. Besides the starvation diet which is probably the easiest to do, there are a lot of pills which promise instant weight loss but many damage your body.

The person who is motivated by personal appearance will be less likely to care about the potential dangers of these methods as long as the results are quick!

A third advantage to choosing health is that you will likely stick with your healthy habits, which help to burn the weight off and permanently keep it off. Someone who is motivated by personal appearance is likely to stop dieting when he has achieved his target weight or is likely to exercise only when there is an important event coming up.

The results is a continuous cycle of weight loss and gain that is more commonly known as “yo-yo dieting“. Medical experts have learned that this can be dangerous to the health in the long-run. It can cause stress to the body and can make it more difficult to lose weight when one gets older.

So far we have discussed that it is important that you choose to lose weight for the right reasons. But even if you do get your “reasons” right, staying motivated is quite challenging. So here are some tips to help you stay motivated and stick to your goals:
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1st: Changes takes time:

It is easy to see thin people and think how easy they have it, but the truth is that people who are over 30 years of age and heck even 20 and slim are most probably exercising regularly.

It is also important to mention here that body types differ from person to person.

That’s why exist metabolic type dieting.

Even if everybody ate the same optimum diet and followed the same exercise regime, we still would have different body shapes.

So the point here is not everyone can be skinny. Accept that your body is meant to be a certain size and feel good about it, period!

Good changes take time and effort but they are definitely worth it – don’t they?

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2nd: Start with small changes:

You don’t have to wake up one morning and start running in a marathon, go to gym and fix your diet.

Take it slow, start with small changes.

Overhauling your entire lifestyle in a minute will not work and dampen your spirit. Small changes add up over time and give you an incredible boost.

Some noteworthy suggestions are:

  1. Increase your fiber intake by 5 grams.
  2. Ensure that you walk a minimum of then minutes each day.
  3. Take a break every hour and walk 500 steps.
  4. Start cutting refined white bread, white rice and sweets.
  5. Eat vegetables with lunch and dinner.
  6. Stay away from foods which have trans-fats.

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3rd: Find a cheer group:

We are social animals and we all crave attention.

So, find a cheer group that supports you when you are running low on will power. Try to get four or five people who can help you, and hold you accountable as you aim to achieve your fat loss goals.

And when you do reach a milestone go out with your cheer group and celebrate.

Soak in your victory, enjoy it.
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4th: Do not starve yourself:

A major reason for weight related problems is over eating, and the biggest reason for over eating? Under eating!

People who starve themselves eventually cave in and over eat.

Over-strict diets do not do any favors to anyone. Build in your diet a place for snacks for preventing any overeating at main meals.

Also treat yourself once a week. Do not feel guilty about treats. Everyone deserves a treat once in a while. Have a brownie and savor every bite.
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5th: Find your overeating triggers:

Often we find ourselves overeating after a particular event, be it rejection or even personal success.

You have to identify such triggers and replace over eating with something healthier. 

Also you should keep your kitchen well stocked with healthy options like sugar free chewing gums, low-fat yogurts and fruits.

This way you will be at least eating something healthy.
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Again thanks for being here taking your valuable time and reading this info. 

I hope this website will be able to help you know more about Isabel’s Beyond Diet and how to live a healthy lifestyle (this online diet program is exactly that), which will help in permanently keeping the weight off.

The next step is to bookmark this website and come back often and read more useful content which will be spread into chapters and start incorporating the tips in your life.

It may not be easy in the beginning, but the more you do something, the easier and fun it will be.


If you enjoyed this reading, please take the time to share your thoughts and post some comments as share it to places where your socially hangout.

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