Beyond Diet Reviews – Weight Loss Story For Sensitive People Only!

As Seen On Beyond Diet

“There aren’t things to be ashamed of, there are battle scars”

And here you go, another hope to weight loss.

At least that’s how I felt when heard of Isabel’s Beyond Diet but it wasn’t! It wasn’t that simple too, as I didn’t knew nothing about nutrition and how it worked against fat!..

Until I found Beyond Diet (aptly named)

Hi, there, first I must brag about my transformation even after 2 kids:

Me and kids

It’s pretty awesome huh …

First, I have to say that my best friend Jenny put me up to this.

She’s been bugging me to start this confession for months!..

So here I am, finally getting around to it.

I want to let you know a bit about my weight loss story and how people are using it to lose weight effortlessly healthy.

To warm you up a little, or little more … :), I know you will adore this, so get excited!

Would you be surprised when you join a nutrition program, and see real user statements like the one below – take a look the picture below – carefully!

Does Beyond Diet Work? - Weight Loss Confession Story
Does Beyond Diet Work? – Weight Loss Confession Story

Huh, not much ha, yet a big result!

And those stories actually do not stop …

Before you continue reading, browse the gallery  below and read what real customers have to say about Isabel’s diet program – Claims about if this program really works which can be seen only inside members area.

Or better yet, life TV, living proof of how this couple made it using Beyond Diet.


One person CAN be wrong, but a bunch of people CAN’T!

Fast encouraged enough? If so, start solving your fat issue in no time below!

Please note: If you were looking for the official Beyond Diet website here it is: 

… To start, I guess I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

Hi there, I’m 32, live in Dallas, Texas, am married, and have 2 kids David and Kelly.

I’m a real estate broker, love shopping, and The Food Network.

And 14 months ago, I used to weigh 175+ pounds.

 That still gets me every time I say that sentence and talk about my weight loss story. 

What caused me to finally take action against my weight was when I went in for a blood test last year and my doctor diagnosed me as being prediabetic.


Obviously, I freaked.

I absolutely hated needles and the idea of having to inject myself each day or even take pills for the rest of my life was a scary thought.

I knew that my eating had been out of control the last few years but,.. it wasn’t until that moment – sitting in my doctor’s office, that I knew that I had to do something about it.

My doctor told me that 50 million Americans are prediabetic but people who act early can completely avoid any complications of diabetes and other healthy issues.


That was all I needed to hear

Anything to avoid needles.

The first thing he recommended was to join a gym or even get a personal trainer – I groaned …

I hated going to the gym (who doesn’t), and the idea of running on a treadmill in public turned my stomach upside down.

I couldn’t even remember the last time I ran around the block!

But, I knew it was important, that we should act right away though (desperate times calls desperate measures), so my doctor and I discussed other options.

You see,

I loved food and cooking so that was where we decided to start (huh, tell me who doesn’t).

For me, food would be the major factor in my weight loss journey.

We decided the best thing I could do was start by creating healthy meal plans for weight loss designed just for me.

We would target foods geared to burn fat and avoid everything else.


That meant no more fast food breakfasts, no more Venti cappuccinos, no more catered business lunches, and no more take-out pizza on the way home from work.

I was trying to take in everything he was saying, but I had been overweight for soooo long, that I didn’t knew if it was really possible to lose weight.

 But then, the thought of giving my-self a needle came back! 

And that’s when I sat up, took a deep breath, looked my doctor in the eye, and said,”Ok, let’s do this”.

And here starts the beginning of my weight loss journey …

Question: Do you want to know how me and people used to lose weight and keep it OFF FOR GOOD? I used to want to know that too! Forget “dieting” because that doesn’t work. Stop planning to run for two hours a day on the treadmill either. I started this weight loss journey because I finally did find a way to lose weight effectively, and the same happens to be the right one as it allows you to create meal plans base on your personal metabolic type.

Why I (and probably you too) Wanted To Lose Weight?

  • I hated the way I looked in my bathing suit! I used to be a swimmer, but I imagine now I looked more like a beached whale while tanning.
  • I wanted to feel sexy again! My husband and I have always had great intimacy in our marriage, but when you’re 175+ pounds mmmm, let’s just say some things are more difficult!
  • I found out I was Prediabetic! If I didn’t get my own weight loss story, I could face diabetes for the rest of my life.
3 Little Problems In My Way and Certainly Yours Too
  • Problem #1: I hated working out! Who wants to see a sweaty, 175+ pound woman bouncing around on the treadmill? Not me, and certainly not you?
  • Problem #2: I hated dieting! Dieting has never worked for me. I always just gained all the weight back after. Dieting =>> Torture!
  • Problem #3: I hated weight loss pills! I’ve tried both Diethylpropion and Orlistat (doctor prescribed). Supposed to limit appetite and make you not digest fat. Instead, they gave me constipation and abdominal cramps worse than my period. Yeah, not fun. Do not attempt!

(You see, weight loss pills what do is trick your brain and body that you are not hungry but you are. That is shady weight loss and that’s why the lost weight always comes back as soon as you stop taking those pills.)

How Does Beyond Diet Work and Can You Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercising?

That sounds like the laziest question ever, but I was just being REALISTIC.

I told my doctor I refused to go on another diet.
And me, going to the gym every day was just not going to happen …

I needed a real working weight loss plan for me, immediately!

“The Solution”

A few weeks later, I decided to skip my skeptic me, and contribute, join Isabel’s program and community …

It turned out to be a program made for people who hate dietingNote that?

The way you lose weight is BY EATING, everyone raved that one thing …

That’s right.

The program is not about dieting, but about eating. Sounds too good to be true, right?

That’s what I thought too.

People taking actions with beyond diet

You see, people indeed are taking action with Beyond Diet and that’s what I did too.

Took action!

So, I purchased the program online and just followed everything it said. Pay attention, I said followed, so if you are not used to follow instructions, then better not waste your time more reading this or looking for reviews and eventually join beyond diet only to find out later “It doesn’t work for you!

The introduction home page video is an awesome review by it self. You can watch it here:


I kept a success journal, used the meal plans, the shopping list helper, and the awesomely in order diet solution recipe section.

It basically tells you how to plan meals, what to cook, and what food to buy at the grocery store.

All you really do is follow the instructions.

You even get personal email consultation from the author if you have questions.

My Weight Loss Story

Basically, here’s my weight loss story in a nutshell: Within 10 days on the program, I noticed my pants were looooose – yap – loose.

After a month, I was down 2 notches on my belt. After two months, I had lost 17 pounds. By month three, I was at 28 pounds.

This pace continued, and after 6 months I had lost 50+ pounds!

It sounds so simple, but really it wasn’t!

Anyone could do this program. I say that as a compliment to the author, Isabel De Los Rios. And to mention, my family was eating healthier for the first time. Everyone loved what I was cooking, happy faces around the house … 🙂

Basically, Isabel done all the work, all YOU do is follow what she says.

Now, Onto Some of The Common Questions Asked by Skeptic People Interested in Beyond Diet Program:

What's All The Noise Beyond Diet about? Is This Some New 'Diet' Just Come and Go? (Tina asked)

How Does Beyond Diet Really Work? Does it work at all? What are the core principles one must follow? (Susan asked)

How About If Let's Say It Doesn't Work For Me? Are There Any Days Trial Option? (Terri asked)

What's The Catch In Being So Cheap, No Monthly Fees, Extra Offers and One Time Payment For Life Time Access to Updates and All? (Lauren asked)

Diet With Out Exercise? (Brandy Asked)

Do People Really Get Results With This No Magic Pill Nutrition Diet? What's Their Stories Of Using Beyond Diet? (Beverly asked)

What's All About People Raving The Recipes Section? Are They Really That Great and Easy To Prepare? (Olivia asked)

I've Read Your Story About Almost Getting Diabetes, But How About People Already Diabetic? (Semi asked)

LAST QUESTION (I was up to add this myself but Carla asked it so here it goes)

And that’s all reviewing Beyond Diet.

One thing is to not urge yourself seeing results overnight (it will throw you in bad mood), which is fine and normal to do but don’t do it. You simply are fed up of unhealthy living.

I perfectly understand that, I was there too.

Give it time to work and work with it along the way.

Remember that You Are Not Alone!

Before I close up this review, I have something to complain about, but after thinking for a while and having in mind this global warming and our mother planet I have something to say …


The one thing I didn’t like about the Beyond Diet is that it only was available as a PDF (now available as hard-copy for an extra price of $23.90 – shipping & handling included), however, at first I thought this would be a problem, because I like having a hard-copy of what I’m reading but it worked out OK because I just ended up printing out pages as I needed them. And I guess I saved a few trees in the process too … 😀

So anyway, I hope you found this information useful. If you want, you can check out the program for yourself to see if this is what you was looking for.

PS: Still not dieting

Please note: If you are interested how to avoid dieting and disappoint yourself than visit website and see What’s In It For You!

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